Covers the video documentation of any event which includes weddings, graduations, birthday parties, small sporting events, religious ceremonies, conferences, educational programs and any other video capture opportunity that can be captured digitally.

Capture it!


Professional editing of the raw video from any event or moment is a separate process and is typically bundled with CAPTURE. Small business will find this combination of services very attractive. For the individual we will turn captured moments into something memorable. Those videos that are locked away in camera or phone are a perfect fit for this service.

Create it!


The distribution of the final professionally edited project completes the suite of services that we offer. When CONNECT is bundled with CAPTURE and CREATE you have an end-to-end media solution. Distribution can be electronic or media dependent. We provide physical masters, but also provide multiple file outputs that can be used on popular social sites. CONNECT is an excellent opportunity for small business and families to share information with friends and customers.

Connect it!